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Monday, May 01, 2006

No voice posts so far

Blame the rapper who goes by the name of "Mike Jones". I was going to "call it in". That means I was going to call Mike Jones, who insists I know him in a song that may even be named something like "My name is Mike Jones" or "You know my name".
Anyway, during at least one point in the song, he shouts out his phone number with a 'you-should-know-it-already' attitude. He definitely wants people to call. He proclaims that he hasn't changed; he makes similar statements about his situation - in other words, not only has he NOT changed, but the phone number he includes surely hasn't changed either.

Should you hear this song, don't believe it. This dude has changed. Or at least changed his phone number.
I was going to call him the other night and simultaneously record the conversation or voice message for your listening pleasure.
No dice. The number is disconnected.

Mike Jones lied to me!!!


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