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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

echo in may

This photo was taken by me before I got my hair chopped off. It had to go - it was too long and I'd been growing out highlighted streaks. Gone now! I can see the bleached parts in this picture, but I'm not sure if others can. Whatever, now I have a different 'do.

These are photos of yours truly, echo, taken in May. The image below is one of the first photographs of me with my new haircut. I look maniacal on purpose. There is also that gesture I'm making with my hand. It's an inside joke, but I'm sure it's a funny view to those who aren't aware of what I'm referencing.

Good lord, my teeth are a godawful yellow. Adds to the overall effect of the image... Don't confuse that with me wanting to have stained teeth. I've started using various whitening products. I'd rather have a nice porcelain white going on. The terrible colour may add to this photo's amusement factor, but it certainly doesn't do anything good for me in person or in other photographs.

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